This course will empower you and your birthing partner with simple, effective acupressure techniques to have the birthing experience you desire.



An introduction to

Supporting Natural Birth: the online course.


We created this program to empower the woman to have the birthing experience of her choice. This course ensures the partner can actively participate to make a real contribution towards the comfort, pain relief and experience of the birthing women.


The full course includes:

  • printable E book : including14 comprehensive chapters full of acupressure points, stories and tips for natural birth.

  • a print out chart of points to take with you to your birthing room.

  • online tutorials with over 40 minutes of interactive video content; step by step visual guides to each acupressure point listed.

  • extra tips & stories from personal experiences

  • support & education to ensure you have the birthing experience of your dreams.


Meet the authors

Supporting Natural Birth | The online course | Meet the Authors | Brad Fennel & Tabitha Fennel

Brad & Tabitha Fennel

As a couple we have shared pregnancy and the labour experience three times together and now have three energetic boys to show for it. After qualifying as acupuncturists in 1997 and 2000 we instantly began working with fertility, preconception, pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. We have had the opportunity to support and share our passion for acupuncture with countless individuals and couples at our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic, Studio Qi. Our own labour experience was so profound that we instantly knew we had to teach and share the Supporting Natural Birth techniques and make it accessible to every birthing woman and partner.



"My favourite point to use was the Colon 4 Hand Point. I used this for both induction and for pain relief during contractions. It was the easiest point for me to access myself, while my birthing partner worked on other points. 

My birthing partners favourite point was the Bladder 32 Back point. I found this the most effective point for pain relief, as this is where I was feeling a lot of my contractions. We used this point a lot while I was labouring at home, and it really made a difference. I used a hot water bottle on this point in-between contractions which also gave some relief. 

We used what we had learnt in the e-course to naturally induce labour after 40 weeks, and to also allow me to labour at home for as long as possible. Thanks to the acupressure points, yoga breathing and my hot water bottle, I was able to labour at home for around 11 hours. The midwives were surprised to find I was already 8cm dilated by the time i arrived at hospital, and said I must have a high pain tolerance! I gave birth in the water 4 hours later, without any medical pain relief. It was great for my husband to have a 'job' to do with the acupressure, so he felt like he was actually helping and not just getting in the way!

My favourite part of the course was the videos, as they made it much easier to see where to find the points. My husband is more of a visual learner, so I knew he would respond better to watching videos than reading the book. I also enjoyed Tabithas personal birth stories in the book, it was a nice touch. 

I'd give this course a 10/10 - everything was explained really clearly and the quick reference chart was handy."

- Samara


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